• Seniors Championship Photo

  • James Nellis from the Nellis Group

    Best realtors in Fairfax County and proud Viper sponsor since 2000. James is proudly hoisting the Viper Spring Championship trophy!

  • 2015 WED D3 Champions


    The Virginia Vipers Softball Club for Veterans recently had their board of directors meeting on 10 February 2015 to get prepared for the 2015 season. As always, we are excited about participating in Fairfax Adult Softball – the largest adult competitive softball league in the country!

  • FAS Hall of Fame Ceremony

    Players from all of the Viper’s teams at the FAS Hall of Fame ceremony! — at Sharon Sealock Softball Complex.

Your donations make it possible for our Military/Veteran 501c3 to play in the largest adult recreational softball league in the country and national tournaments. To date, the Vipers have proudly served over 175 military and veteran families. We appreciate you supporting a truly local military charity in Fairfax county. The Vipers look forward to representing your company on the diamond.

(Please note that you are not required to have a PayPal account to donate.)


  • Team News

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  • Five Sided Vipers (Fall 2018)

    • Wins 4

    • Losses 8

    • Ties 0

  • Long Fanged Vipers (Fall 2018)

    • Wins 4

    • Losses 5

    • Ties 0

  • Vintage Vipers (Fall 2018)

    • Wins 6

    • Losses 4

    • Ties 2